How does Crowd1 pay Affiliates?

Crowd1 has a funny compensation plan which took me time to understand. Each new sign up gives you a different amount depending on their package level, and your imbalanced points on the left and right legs. You need to refer two members, one on each leg, who must pay for a package each to initiate bonus points.

How does Crowd1 pay Affiliates?

These Binary bonus points look like this

  • White Package – 90 points
  • Black Package – 270 Points
  • Gold Package – 720 Points
  • Titanium Package – 2250 Points

Hence if you manage to refer two members who both purchase the Gold package, you achieve the 1:1 balance and earn 720 points for each.

10 points = 1 Euro

This means you earn 144 Euros.

As you invite more members, you move to the 1:2 balance which pays (720 X 3) earning 216 Euros, then to the 1:3 Balance which pays 288 Euros. If you accumulate points that are not within the 1:3 balance, they are saved for 6 months awaiting points on the other leg.

For instance, if you have 1 member on the left and 4 members on the right, points accrued courtesy of this fourth member on the right and any other below him/her will be stored for 6 months rather than paid instantly.

This, therefore, means you should get new referrals and place them under the shorter leg and grow it until the ratio stays within the 1:3 balance to earn well.

Also, with a 1:3 balance, if you have a considerably longer leg and you introduce a member in the shorter leg, you get to earn the bonus of the new member plus 3 times the bonus points existing in the longer leg.

Now, how does your recruiter and their recruiters earn?

This is possible through the matching bonus where you earn 10 % of the affiliate bonus a member you have referred earns.

For instance, if you introduce someone who pays for the white package, you earn 36 Euros and your referrer earns 10% of your earnings which is (3.6 + 36). This 36 Euro was cut from you when you paid for the same package. The cycle continues.

Also, your matching bonus depends on your number of personally sponsored members and you can earn the 10% commission several levels deep depending on the package you purchased as shown below.

Crowd1 payments levels

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